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I have noticed there's no datasource for Oracle in CakePHP 2.0 for the moment, although it seems they are working on in it now:

There are some people explaining how to use an Oracle DB adapting some code from CakePHP 1.3:

But I'm not sure that's the correct way. If it was so simple, they would have released the feature already for CakePHP 2.X...

Would I have any trouble using that "cheat"?

I want to connect CakePHP with PL/SQL procedures and a desktop application and they are working over Oracle. I can not change that.

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After asking some CakePHP developers I came out with the conclusion that it is not possible to use an Oracle Database with CakePHP 2.3 if you want to make a proper use of CakePHP Models and their query syntax. There's no yet available any driver for Oracle in CakePHP which is completely functional.

Therefore, the solution I found was to use the OCI8 Functions of PHP.

Like this i could use oci_parse to directly query against the DB or rather call a PL-SQL procedure which is what I finally decided to do. (because of the sql functions complexity and the division of task inside my work group)

Now, I can not make use of many of the advantages of using CakePHP models, but It was the only way.

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