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I'm searching for a list of Microsoft specific CSS attributes with mso- prefix.

Any link to an offical or unofficial source would be awesome.

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Microsoft’s information on the topic can be found via the page Microsoft® Office HTML and XML Reference. It links to an .exe file, which when executed (on Windows, of course) installs C:\ofhtml9\ofhtml9.chm. The material is rather extensive and not particularly well organized. But search for “mso-” in the Search box, and you’ll find a long table titled “Style Attributes” and containing both standard and nonstandard CSS properties.

The table “shows the style attributes used by Microsoft Office 2000”, but I’m not aware of similar information for other Office versions.

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I just had the same difficulties to find a list of MS Office prefixed style properties. I found this link, but it was not even well organized. So I decided to write down a list in a Gist for everyone are looking for having these troubles as well. Still not found all things, but you may find this source helpful at least as a reference on the web.

MS Office prefixed Style properties

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The closest i can find is this list: Link to list

I assume that a ctrl+f on mso, will quickly show you all you need? Then from there you can quickly gather your list.

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Thanks, thats enough for me. Maybe a list with accepted parameters as addition – revaxarts Jan 17 '13 at 11:02
This link no longer works, can't find a backup/alternative of it either. – notacouch Oct 21 '15 at 15:40

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