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I am developing a project where I need to initiate a phone call to the given no. If the contact doesn't receives the call I need to initiate another call for another user. So, how can I achieve this in J2me. Here I am using Lwuit's Display.getInstance().execute("tel:"+) method to initiate a call.

Thank you.

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You cannot do anything other than initiate a call to the number at which point your application loses control of the phone. E.g. in Codename One we have Display.getInstance().dial(phone) in LWUIT you will need to use Display.getInstance().execute("tel://" + phone);.

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Yes those are the methods I have used to initiate calls but on E-71 it pops up a dialog asking yes or no. That happened while call control permissions to the midlet are set to always allowed. In project this has to be a direct calling as a spy call without notifying user. –  shriniket Jan 28 '13 at 9:30
That's a virus so it isn't allowed by the security features of J2ME. –  Shai Almog Jan 28 '13 at 12:22

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