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i have a div section used for a scroll bar,but i am stuck with changing the width and height for the div section ,whatever i change no result.

<DIV class=scroll style=overflow-y:hidden;overflow-y:hidden> description</DIV>

in css
.scroll { }

Even without anythin inside "scroll" am getting scroll bar as i used overflow in DIV tag,but if i remove class=scroll in DIV scroll bar is not coming.i have used height width all changes but nothing happened pls guide me in right way

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What doctype you are using? You should use html5 with your markup:

<!DOCTYPE html>
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use this

<div style="overflow: scroll;">your content</div>
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If it's a specific element, you can create an ID. Go to your css and do the following.

#element {
    width: ??px;
    height: ??px;

Go to your HTML and add "id="element".

 <DIV id="element" class=scroll style=overflow-y:hidden;overflow-y:hidden> description</DIV>
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Remove the inline style and use overflow: scroll in CSS:


The hidden overflow-x/-y tags explicitely tell the browser to always remove (hide) scrollbars.

If you want the scrollbars to only appear when they are needed, just leave the overflow tags out entirely, or set them to auto.

Alternatively, put the overflow: scroll bit in the inline style. Though generally you should use a stylesheet instead of inline CSS style whenever possible.

<DIV class="scroll" style="overflow:scroll"> description</DIV>

p.s. You should use quotes around attribute values.

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I use this div as, <table> <tr><td><table><tr><td>made it as header for main table</tr></td></table></tr></td> <tr><td><div>my content</tr></td></div></table> –  user1752557 Jan 17 '13 at 12:22
i have did the changes u said but still no change in size! –  user1752557 Jan 17 '13 at 12:26
Could you post a jsfiddle and mention the browser you tested in? –  Martijn Jan 17 '13 at 15:20

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