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I tried to execute this code using functions at OrientDB Studio.

commandResult = db.executeCommand('insert into user (facebookId,instagramId) values ("' + facebookId +'","'+ instagramId +'");

if( commandResult.length == 0){
 response.send(200, "ok", "application/json","{\"success\":\"false\"}");
} else {
  response.send(200, "ok", "application/json","{\"success\":\"true\", \"@rid\" : \"" +  commandResult  + "\"}");


and then it returns like this {"success":"true", "@rid" : "user#11:15{facebookId:df,instagramId:sdf} v1"}

My problem now is i want only to return only the rid value. But the problem is in my second key "user#11:15{facebookId:df,instagramId:sdf} v1". I don't know how am I going to parse it since the @rid is in the outside of the curly brace.

Hope from your positive response.


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You're concatenating strings. Use the .toJSON() instead:

response.send(200, "ok", "application/json",
"{ \"success\":\"true\", \"@rid\" : \"" + 
 commandResult.toJSON()  + "\"}");
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Thanks For your great answer!!!! Luca – Junnel Gallemaso Jan 18 '13 at 22:46

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