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I need to proxy a couple of urls to different hosts. Actually, I'm using the same host with different port to test my nginx configuration. This is my virtual host definition:

server {
    listen       8081;

    location /Plasmid/ {
        proxy_pass   http://localhost:8000/Plasmid/;

    location /_community/ {
         proxy_pass   http://localhost:8082/comments_api/ ;

    location / {
        # rewrite cq_user_authenticated===(.*)/(.*)/iuuid=(.*)/commenti.html$  /Plasmid/comments/legacy/$3/$1 ;
        # rewrite querystring===(.*)$  /Plasmid/comments/legacy/$1 ;
        # rewrite cq_user_authenticated===([^&]*)&/.*uuid=([^/]*) /comments_api/legacy/$2 ;
        # rewrite userdetails(.*)  /Plasmid/comments/user_details ;
        root   html;
        index  index.html index.htm;


Of course my hosts file has mapping for the

When I call the url: I get an http 404

If I remove the second location from my configuration:

location /_community/ {
    proxy_pass   http://localhost:8082/comments_api/ ;

I get the resource I want, but some part are missed since the are hosted on a different platform:

[error] 1033#0: *1 open() "/usr/local/Cellar/nginx/1.2.6/html/_community/content

How can I resolve this issue?

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Do a little change:

location ^~ /Plasmid/ {
   proxy_pass    http://localhost:8000/Plasmid/;

location ^~ /_comunity/ {
   proxy_pass    http://localhost:8082/comments_api/;

Why is that? Because ^~ means starts with and when you request for page:

it fit to that rule. In your configuration you are using no mark and something like this:

location /anylocation

and it looks like your nginx prefer rule

location / {


location /Plasmid


location /_comunity

because it's using root directive and searching for _community/content in html folder (as you get in error message).

In other words ^~ has greater priority than no mark. One thing that could also help is to add break directive after each proxy_pass directive;

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