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I have a Jar, which I have included in my project.

When I import a class from this project by specializing the full name as org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.nattable.edit.editor.ICellEditor the class is imported well.

Writing ICellEditor and doing "Organize Imports" doesn't work. Doing "Open Type" and typing ICellEditor finds the right class, so Eclipse is aware of this JAR amd class; but does not show the class on "Organize Imports".

Do someone know what the reason could be?

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Make sure that your jar path is included in the CLASSPATH. When you give fully qualified name as shown below CLASSPATH is not required. (as you give the complete path explicitly).


So if you want your import in eclipse to work properly :

So either put this jar in the existing jar directory or make sure that the jar path is added in CLASSPATH.

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