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I have one column date1 which is varchar type I want this column to date type. I tried changing field but all date is converted to 0000-00-00. format is dd-mm-yyyy but in varchar.

How can I convert the same date format but with date format using sql queries or similar but at database level ?

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I think this topic will be helpfull stackoverflow.com/questions/731456/convert-dates-with-mysql –  Denis Nikanorov Jan 17 '13 at 11:26

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UPDATE `table`
SET `column` = str_to_date( `column`, '%d-%m-%Y' );

More about STR_TO_DATE function.

Since your column name is date1, you can replace column with date1 in the above syntax, and the code shall be:

UPDATE `table`
SET `date1` = str_to_date( `date1`, '%d-%m-%Y' );
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Thanks For the Query It works for me –  Pratik Prajapati Jan 17 '13 at 15:17

use STR_TO_DATE Function of MySQL

FIRST you will need to update the value in date format.

UPDATE `tbl` SET `date1` = STR_TO_DATE(`date1`, '%d-%m-%Y') WHERE 1=1

THEN Convert the field to date.

Most importantly remember to insert date as Y-m-d format, after then.

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