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how i return a value from javascript function to a c# variable (in controller)

and also i have a multicolum dropdown box in a form , eg book details , when the user makes the selection the book name is set in the dropdown , but when submit is hit i want the code book to be returned(this value is returned by my javascript) for billing purpose , in short for a test box i want to set a display value visible to the user and original value that is returned from the form ?

i read about ajax postback , that you could send data from client to server ??

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Are you going to accept the answer then? – James McCormack Sep 23 '09 at 11:41

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You're best bet is to set values on appropriately named hidden text inputs. That way, the model can be updated by the post action, which keeps the architecture simple.

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That's what I use and it works pretty well. – mbillard Sep 17 '09 at 13:13

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