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i am new to KendoUI so i was wondering if/how i can use data represented with the new HierarchyId datatype in my sql server database in my KendoUI TreeView. Are there any suggestions on how to approach this?

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Assuming that you have chosen the default value for loadOnDemand, I would suggest to map the id of the node in one column (id) and the text in another (text) and the id of the parent node in another (pid).

So the following tree:

root -+- Node1
      +- Node2 -+- Node2.1
      |         +- Node2.2
      +- Node3

Would be stored as:

ID      PID     TEXT
------- ------- --------
root    null    Root
node1   root    Node1
node2   root    Node2
node3   root    Node3
node2.1 node2   Node2.1
node2.2 node2   Node2.2

Each time that KendoUI wants to expand a node, if will send a request with the id of the node being expanded



Which selects the sub-nodes of the node Node2.2 (which id is node2.2). And the SQL statement would be:

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