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I would like to start using an testing framework that does the following:

  • contains an process(the process can be a test) management engine. It is able to start processes(tests) with the help of a scheduler
  • it is distributed, processes can run locally or on other machines
  • tests can be anything:
  • simple telnet on a given port (infrastructure testing)
  • a disk I/O or mysql benckmark
  • a jar exported from Selenium that does acceptance testing
  • will need to know if the test passed or not
  • has the capability to get real time data from the test(something like graphite) -- this is optional
  • allows processes to be build in many programing languages: perl, ruby, C, bash
  • has a graphical interface
  • open-source
  • written in any language as long as it doesn't use resources , I would prefer C, perl or ruby
  • to run on linux

    What not to be:
  • an add on to a browser: Selenium, BITE ..

I do not want something focused on web development

I will like to use such a tool or maybe collaborate on building one. I hope I was explicit enough. Thank you .

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You might want to look at the robot framework combined with jenkins. Robotframework is a tool written in python for doing keyword-based acceptance testing. Jenkins is a continuous integration tool which allows you to schedule jobs, and distribute jobs amongst a grid of nodes.

Robotframework tests can do anything python can do, plus a whole lot more. It has a remote interface, which means you can write test keywords in just about any language. For example, I had a job where we had keywords written in Java. In another job we used robotframework with .NET-based keywords. This can be accomplished via a remote interface (so you can write keywords in many different languages) or you can run robot using jython to run on the JVM, or iron python to run in a .NET environment.

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Hello, I found STAF. STAF=Software Testing Automation Framework. It uses STAX and is able to do just about any of the requests I needed. – criscros Jan 31 '13 at 12:36

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