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Here's my situation: I decided to reinstall WAMP so I had to back up my databases, 50+ of them. Then I went on and did it. Then I started importing the databases back to phpMyAdmin, but got only 17 databases. Turns out phpMyAdmin never backed up any more. Now I have WAMP version 2.2 installed, with MySQL version 5.5.24, which is the only one in the WAMP menu. BUT, I do still have the old MySQL version 5.1.36 in my wamp/bin/mysql folder - with all the data files and so forth.

How can I either

get the data from 5.1.36 (I doubt just copy-pasting would work)

-- or --

get MySQL 5.1.36 back in my WAMP menu?

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if you have older folder, you can copy paste folders and check. I guess it would work. Not sure though, you should give it a shot. –  Bhavik Shah Jan 17 '13 at 12:13

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I downloaded MySQL 5.1.36 from WAMPServer homepage as an addon and installed it (backed up the original). This way I got 5.1.36 back in the WAMP menu and now I have my data back, yay!

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