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I'm drawing little circle on a canvas with these functions :

This is the function who draw the circles :

class Fourmis:

def __init__(self, can, posx, posy, name, radius):
    self.can = can

    self.largeur_can = int(self.can.cget("width"))
    self.hauteur_can = int(self.can.cget("height"))

    self.posx = posx
    self.posy = posy
    self.name = name 
    self.radius = radius

    self.ball1 = self.can.create_oval(self.posy, self.posx, self.posy+radius, self.posx+radius, outline=self.name, fill=self.name, width=2)

    self.nx = randrange(-10,10,1)
    self.nx /= 2.0
    self.ny = randrange(-10,10,1)
    self.ny /= 2.0

    #self.can.bind("<Motion>", self.destruction, add="+") 
    self.statut = True


def move(self):
    if self.statut == True :
        self.pos_ball = self.can.coords(self.ball1)
        self.posx_ball = self.pos_ball[0]
        self.posy_ball = self.pos_ball[1]

        if self.posx_ball < 0 or (self.posx_ball + self.radius) > self.largeur_can:
            self.nx = -self.nx         
        if self.posy_ball < 0 or (self.posy_ball + self.radius) > self.hauteur_can:
            self.ny = -self.ny

        self.can.move(self.ball1, self.nx, self.ny)

        self.can.after(10, self.move)

this one create the canvas and the circles :

class App(Frame):

def __init__(self):

    self.create(50, "green")
    self.create(50, "purple")

def mainloop(self):

def create(self, i, name):
    for x in range(i):
        self.x=Fourmis(self.can,100,400, name,0)

and i call these lines to run the project :

jeu = App()

And now i would try to run this self.create(50, "green") and this self.create(50, "purple") in differents threads but i don't know how to do.

I tried with this class but I have not found a solution :

class FuncThread(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self, i, name):
    self.i = i
    self.name = name

def run(self):
    App.create(self, self.i, self.name)

So, someone could tell me how to run this self.create(50, "green") and this self.create(50, "purple") in differents threads ?

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When this functionality is needed, what you do is schedule the events you wish to perform by putting them in a queue shared by the threads. This way, in a given thread you specify that you want to run "create(50, ...)" by queueing it, and the main thread dequeue the event and perform it.

Here is a basic example for creating moving balls in a second thread:

import threading
import Queue
import random
import math
import time
import Tkinter


class App:
    def __init__(self, queue, width=400, height=300):
        self.width, self.height = width, height
        self.canvas = Tkinter.Canvas(width=width, height=height, bg='black')
        self.canvas.pack(fill='none', expand=False)
        self._oid = []
        self.canvas.after(10, self.move)

        self.queue = queue
        self.canvas.after(50, self.check_queue)

    def check_queue(self):
            x, y, rad, outline = self.queue.get(block=False)
        except Queue.Empty:
            self.create_moving_ball(x, y, rad, outline)
        self.canvas.after(50, self.check_queue)

    def move(self):
        width, height = self.width, self.height
        for i, (oid, r, angle, speed, (x, y)) in enumerate(self._oid):
            sx, sy = speed
            dx = sx * math.cos(angle)
            dy = sy * math.sin(angle)
            if y + dy + r> height or y + dy - r < 0:
                sy = -sy
                self._oid[i][3] = (sx, sy)
            if x + dx + r > width or x + dx - r < 0:
                sx = -sx
                self._oid[i][3] = (sx, sy)
            nx, ny = x + dx, y + dy
            self._oid[i][-1] = (nx, ny)
            self.canvas.move(oid, dx, dy)
        self.canvas.after(10, self.move)

    def create_moving_ball(self, x=100, y=100, rad=20, outline='white'):
        oid = self.canvas.create_oval(x - rad, y - rad, x + rad, y + rad,
        oid_angle = math.radians(random.randint(1, 360))
        oid_speed = random.randint(2, 5)
        self._oid.append([oid, rad, oid_angle, (oid_speed, oid_speed), (x, y)])

def queue_create(queue, running):
    while running:
        if random.random() < 1e-6:
            print "Create a new moving ball please"
            x, y = random.randint(100, 150), random.randint(100, 150)
            color = random.choice(['green', 'white', 'yellow', 'blue'])
            queue.put((x, y, random.randint(10, 30), color))
        time.sleep(0) # Effectively yield this thread.

root = Tkinter.Tk()
running = [True]

queue = Queue.Queue()

app = App(queue)
app.canvas.bind('<Destroy>', lambda x: (running.pop(), x.widget.destroy()))

thread = threading.Thread(target=queue_create, args=(queue, running))

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You can't do what you want. Tkinter isn't thread safe. All actions that interact with widgets must be done from the same thread, and that thread needs to be the main thread.

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So what can i use to draw something like circle and use mutli-threading to draw this ? –  Mathieu Robert Jan 17 '13 at 12:36
@Mathieurobert: Why do you think you need multithreading? –  Bryan Oakley Jan 17 '13 at 14:01
Sorry, I am creating a tkinter application where I have also a class XoLogic which is responsible for the logic of my game, but it is in another file from XoGui, where I have my Frame and widgets. I am having always crashes when I click a button to call a function from the class XoLogic (which is in another file). How can I solve this? –  Rinzler Nov 29 '14 at 2:36
@nbro: without seeing your code and the error, it's impossible to guess. Just because the code is in another file doesn't mean you need threads. –  Bryan Oakley Nov 29 '14 at 3:02
@BryanOakley Ok, but the problem is that I cannot ask questions anymore, because some of them were downvoted... If could have a look to it in some way, it would be great. If you can, just tell me... –  Rinzler Nov 29 '14 at 3:14

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