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I am using GNU Emacs 24.2. Clicking on left fringe sets current line on click line. I don't want change current line, so I need to unbind this key. I added this in my .emacs file>

 (global-unset-key [left-fringe mouse-1])

But this don't works. Running "C-h b" (describe binding) it still show:

[left-fringe mouse-1] mouse--strip-first-event

How can I unbind this key?

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The binding of [left-fringe mouse-1] to mouse--strip-first-event is not in the map that binds keys to commands because mouse--strip-first-event is not a command (instead, it's a remapping function that rewrites the key sequence to something else, in this case it just strips off the first event so that you end up running whatever is bound to [mouse-1]).

This binding is in function-key-map, so you can eliminate it with

(define-key function-key-map [left-fringe mouse-1] nil)

But note also that remappings defined in function-key-map only apply when there's no binding to the current event sequence, so you don't really need to remove it: just add a binding (via global-set-key) for [left-fringe mouse-1] and the above remapping will simply be ignored.

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Thank you very much Stefan, it's exactly what I need. –  Mario Giovinazzo Jan 17 '13 at 20:39
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