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I'm working through a test GAE Java project which was working fine but I decided to look at adding GWT to the same project. I then decided to stick with the GAE stuff I was learning and decided to remove GWT. The problem is I can't now deploy to the development server as it gives the following in the Eclipse console pane. Anyone know please how I can reset appropriate settings to how my project had them originally?

terminated test [Web Application] C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_37\bin\javaw.exe Usage: [options]

Options: --help, -h Show this help message and exit. --server=SERVER The server to use to determine the latest -s SERVER SDK version. --address=ADDRESS The address of the interface on the local machine -a ADDRESS
to bind to (or for all interfaces). --port=PORT
The port number to bind to on the local machine. -p PORT --sdk_root=DIR Overrides where the SDK is located. --disable_update_check Disable the check for newer SDK versions. --generated_dir=DIR Set the directory where generated files are created. --jvm_flag=FLAG Pass FLAG as a JVM argument. May be repeated to supply multiple flags.

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I faced the same issue and you know what, Workaround is just pretty simple.

I created one new appengine project with only one jsp in WAR and 'Run As' > 'Run Configurations...' >Server Tab -> Unchecked then checked Run Built-In server and then checked Automatically select any port.

Server started ..on some fishy 25334 port..i stopped that using red button on Console Terminal.

then i changed it back to 8888 and WHOA project Ran.... :)

Then i did the same with old project. deleted this new one and all is working as expected.

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@tech1 : did it help? –  Shabbar Mar 26 at 11:19
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I seem to have found my own answer through setting up a new dummy gae project and having a poke around, found that the 'Run As' > 'Run Configurations...' > '(x)= Arguments' > 'Program arguments' had an additional port defined prior to the rest of the argument beginning '--port=8888'. I removed the mention of '-codeServerPort 9997 ' and it now deploys to dev server and appears to be working as before.


new dummy project: --port=8888 "C:\Users\tech1\SSD Storage\Eclipse Projects\workspace\dummy\war"

project that wouldn't deploy to dev server: -codeServerPort 9997 --port=8888 "C:\Users\tech1\SSD Storage\Eclipse Projects\workspace\test\war"

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