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When the application starts, it runs on the system tray. It shows a window and do something only when the user clicks the tray icon.

When it starts and has not been clicked, i.e., it has never shown any window, it occupies 4M memory (private working set). When it is clicked and is showing some window, it takes about 60 M, which is also reasonable. The problem is, even if the window has been closed, it will still take up about 40M.

I suppose this is because some libraries has been loaded to show the window, and there's no memory leak because it will stay 40M even if the window(s) has been loaded many times, as long as they are closed.

Is there a way to unload these libraries and set it back to the starting state?

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Stop making assumptions right here and determine beyond any doubt what the memory is used for. Then ask the question again providing that information (unless the information also suggests what to do, which may well be the case). –  Jon Jan 17 '13 at 13:19

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The following link might help you to resolve your problem


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Thank you. Problem is, my program runs well when the windows are running, but doesn't release all the memory when the windows are closed –  Terry Jan 19 '13 at 1:31

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