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i am using

my code is

event :set_running do
 transition any => :runnning

event :restart do
 transition :failed => :restarting

after_transition :failed => :restarting do |job,transition|

after_transition :restarting => :running do |job,transition|
 this takes some time. and i would like job state to be "restarting" while
 it's restarting servers. but it doesn't happen (i suppose because of transaction) 
 until after_transition :failed => :restarting callback is finished.
 so it actually doesnt happen at all because this callback triggers => :running transition

in other words i would like to run "restart" event once and trigger intermediary transition while it's transferring from :failed to :running. can i do that somehow using state_machine?

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It is now possible to disable transactions:

state_machine :initial => :parked, :use_transactions => false do
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