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I have a few Ruby scripts that process text files in different ways, that many of my friends find useful. However, most of the people I know are not comfortable running scripts on the command line. The easiest thing for them would be to create a simple webpage where people could upload a file, select a few options, have it processed, and then download the result.

I know it wouldn't be too hard to build something like this in Rails or Merb or something like that, however it seems like a very common problem, so I was wondering if there was already some kind of template, or similar application that I could easily modify, i.e. let the user upload a file, choose a few options, then {fill in code to do something with file}, let the user download the resulting file?

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In the past I used Carrierwave to upload user avatars. If you are used to Rails it's really straightforward.

Let it be a TextFile resource:

gem 'carrierwave'

$ rails g scaffold textfile content:string title:string etc etc
$ rails g uploader textfile

class TextFile < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accesible :content
  mount_uploader :content, TextFileUploader

And that is is pretty much all you have to do to obtain the app's skeleton. However, to answer your real question, no, I don't think there is already a rails app that does exactly that.

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I found sinatra-fileupload, which pretty perfectly answers my question. It's a very minimalistic framework which works perfectly, I can just plug in the file handling, and change the layout etc a bit. There were many examples of sophisticated Rails plugins linked to databases, with versioning and stuff, but I really wanted the most minimal example.

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