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I need help to create a .bat file to invoke testng.xml which has all the tests to run in xml. According to this link!topic/testng-users/MwHAox2g538 I created the .bat file. Here is what I have written in batch file:
java -cp "C:\Program Files\Selenium Execution Engine\lib\library\testng-5.8-jdk15.jar";"C:\POM_Newdemo\EF_Progression\bin\testscripts" org.testng.TestNG "C:\POM_Newdemo\EF_Progression\testng.xml"

  • -cp : is class path
  • "C:\Program Files\Selenium Execution Engine\lib\library\testng-5.8-jdk15.jar" : is the path of my testng jar file
  • "C:\POM_Newdemo\EF_Progression\bin\testscripts" : is the path of my .class files of my tests
  • "C:\POM_Newdemo\EF_Progression\testng.xml" : is the path of my testng.xml file

It is throwing error as follows:

[Parser] Running: C:\POM_Newdemo\EF_Progression\testng.xml

Suite Total tests run: 0, Failures: 0, Skips: 0

[ERROR]: Cannot find class in classpath: testscripts.Test_Demo

Please let me know how to resolve this error.

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2 Answers 2

Please try the following. If it does not work provide the full path of test.xml file.Please do let me know if it worked

java -cp "C:\Program Files\Selenium Execution Engine\lib\library\testng-5.8-jdk15.jar":C:\POM_Newdemo\EF_Progression\src\testscripts" org.testng.TestNG testng.xml
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1| Copy any one of the below methods in a text file
2| Save it as yourtext.bat
3| Open the batch file created to run the test.

Method #1

cd C:\Workspace\projectname
java -cp C:\Workspace\projectname\lib\*;C:\Workspace\projectname\bin org.testng.TestNG testng.xml

Method #2

cd C:\Workspace\projectname
set ProjectPath=C:\Workspace\projectname
echo %ProjectPath%
set classpath=%ProjectPath%\bin;%ProjectPath%\lib\*
echo %classpath%
java org.testng.TestNG %ProjectPath%\testng.xml
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