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I have a complex Requirement.Let me put it very simple.

There is a JSP page, which has a button NEXT.If the user clicks next within 5 minutes then he is taken to the NEXT page, but suppose user does nothing and sits idles then automatically after 5 mins message should be printed on the screen "Timeout".

How would I accomplish this.How would I keep the track of time. Request you to help me with a code.

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You can use JavaScript's window.setTimeout function to execute a function after a certain amount of time has passed:

window.setTimeout(showMessage, 5*60*1000);
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ok. now that u have understood my questiuon i`ll reveal some of my complexities.When the JSP page loads, I extract the Session ID fr4om the URL.Session ID timeout after 10 mins of inactivity.If user clicks NEXT after 10 mins,then along with data expired Session id will also be passed.What I want to do is to fire a dummy query so that my session id keeps alive every say 9 mins. I am now much into Java so i am unaware of big concepts like jquery, AJAX. KINDLY HELP!!!! –  Sankalp Jan 17 '13 at 14:49
@Sankalp, that sounds like your other question I already answered. You can learn more about AJAX and jQuery with these tutorials: dreamdealer.nl/tutorials/ajax_callbacks_with_jquery.html sitepoint.com/ajax-jquery They should be enough to get you through this problem. I would recommend learning a lot more though. –  Samuel Edwin Ward Jan 17 '13 at 15:11

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