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Lets say, i have an EntityObject called someProduct :

//Get the object
Product someProduct = someObjectContext.Product.First();

//At runtime at some point, recreate the ObjectContext
someObjectContext = new SomeObjectContext();

//Try to refresh someProduct on the new ObjectContext
someObjectContext.Refresh(RefreshMode.StoreWins, someProduct);

When the third line executes, it throws an exception:

The element at index 0 in the collection of objects to refresh has a null EntityKey property value or is not attached to this ObjectStateManager.

Is this the correct way to refresh the EntityObject on a newly create ObjectContext?


The reason for new ObjectContext is to refresh all the dirty EntityObjects.

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First attach the entity to the context before refresh,




That should do it.

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Since the someProduct was retrieved using a different ObjectContext you need to use someObjectContext.Attach(someProduct).

The refresh is used to refresh the cache of the ObjectContext, It needs an entity selected from the same Object Context.

Good luck

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You should attach the some product with object, then only you can refresh the object.

This refresh is used for refreshing the previously created cache related to object content.

I have used the following code in project. It working fine.


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