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i'm use to linux environment but at the moment i have to develop an android app under a windows environment.

So i need to run the "android" command ( android.bat ) in the windows prompt ( located in $ANDROID_HOME/tools/ ) in order to add ant script and do other stuffs.

the thing is that this launches me the Android SDK Manager, instead of giving me command line answer lie : "project updated"... So my question is :

How do i run the android command under Windows ?? to run things such as :

android update project --path

Maybe i'm not running the right bat file ? I did many search over the internet, without finding any answers.

I managed to make work Ant perfectly though, with the "ant.bat" that is located in the ant directory


Problem solved.

instead of typing :

android update project --path XXX

in the $ANDROID_HOME/tools/ directory, which would open me the SDK Manager, i had to do :

android.bat update project --path XXX

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I have encountered same problem in Windows. I did it this way and it works for me .

   $ $ANDROID_SDK/sdk/tools/android.bat update project -p .
     Updated local.properties
     Updated file C:\ndk\android-ndk-r9b\samples\hello-jni\proguard-project.txt
     It seems that there are sub-projects. If you want to update them
     please use the --subprojects parameter

Here first used "cd" command to go the ndk project directory that is way I used "."(dot) for path(-p)

$ANDROID_SDK/sdk/tools/android.bat update project -p .
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