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I just started looking into ANTLR, and noticed ANTLRWorks 1.5 generates the Java parser file, but with incomplete throws declaration.

Grammar file:

grammar ASTDemo;

options { 

    :   orexpr+
    |   andexpr+
    |   TAG ' ' parens
    |   TAG (parens andexpr)+
    |   together+

    :   '(' TAG ')';

    :   TAG (AND^ TAG)+;    

    :   '[' TAG (OR^ TAG)+ ']';

    :   TAG (' '^ TAG)*

TAG     : ('FOO' | 'BAR');
OR  :   '|';
AND :   ': ';
WS  :   (' ')+;

Here is the sample line that has the incomplete throws statement

public final ASTDemoParser.parse_return parse() throws  {

The current version of JDK being used to launch ANTLRWorks is 1.6x Has anyone seen this before?

The unfortunate part, with this compile error ANTLRWorks is not allowing me to Debug my grammar within it. I'm forced to manually fix the file each time I want to test.

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I have just compiled your grammar using ANTLRWorks 1.5 rc1 and JDK

All compiled well, and mentioned code line looks like:

public final ASTDemoParser.parse_return parse() throws RecognitionException {

It could be arbitrary bug manifestation. Try to recompile it again, and may be you have try to use JDK 1.7.

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Having ANTLRWorks launch using JDK 1.7x did resolve the problem. Thanks! Now to try and figure out why the Debugging won't work. There's always something. :) Thanks again!! –  Jose Leon Jan 17 '13 at 15:54
Am getting this exact issue with AntlrWorks 1.5 and JDK 1.7u13... –  Andras Zoltan Feb 18 '13 at 10:11
I'm getting this with AntlrWorks 1.5 and JDK 1.7u21 , too. AntlrWorks1.4.3 works fine. –  Sergiy Migdalskiy Apr 17 '13 at 17:46

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