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For some reason Netbeans can't access javadoc in Java ME projects. Netbeans does find javadoc in Java Desktop Application

Attached an image of my Java ME javadoc. enter image description here


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did you add those jar files yourself or do they come from the netbeans install? do they actually contain javadoc information or just .class files? –  michael aubert Jan 24 '13 at 3:36

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as an alternative to those jar files, you might want to download the specifications directly from the JCP website at http://www.jcp.org/en/jsr/all then add the javadoc they contain to Netbeans.

The relevant JSRs should be 139 and 118.

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Did you check if your .../doc path is not empty and the other files are existing? if there's a java doc in html form you can make a zip/jar and add it then.

Also make shure that your path is complete:

jar:file:/<your path here>/yourdoc.jar!/docs/api/

where /docs/api is the path insde the archive

But if this doesn't work the better solution is adding the url of the online javadoc instead of a file.

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