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I have an app running in a VPC, with (currently) a VPN connection to the development location. The app is accessible at, let's say, (IP of the internal ELB, accessible only via VPN). The VPN-capable router I have (aka. client gateway) has no BGP capabilities.

The CIDR of the network I'm on (client network is and on the VPC there is a Virtual Private Gateway (vgwA) and a corresponding routing rule (Destination; Target wgwA).

I can access the app without any problem (all ACL/Security Groups are properly configured).

My question is what happens when I want to create another VPN connection to a different site, but whose network has the same CIDR block ( or a CIDR block that might overlap (or include) it (e.g. Is this successful - and will the users on the client networks be able to access the app?

Basically, what do I need to be capable to make VPN connections to different networks which have the same (or partially common) CIDR? BGP-capable customer gateway? Different virtual gateways on the same VPC? (I don't think that AWS allows that - and it doesn't really make sense) Routing rules based on the external IP of the customer gateway? (e.g. Destination: Target: vgwA; - doesn't really make sense)

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I'd encourage you to ask this over at ServerFault since it's more of a networking question than it is programming. However, the only way that I'm aware of handling this is via NAT. Even then, it can get messy. –  jamieb Jan 17 '13 at 15:42
did that too, of course –  BogdanSorlea Jan 21 '13 at 12:02

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