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I have a Database with lots of Tables (over 600) and want to import all of them into Hive using sqoop. Thats the command i have used:

./sqoop import-all-tables --connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@// --username TEST --password test

The Import allways fails because sqoop tries to import some oracle system Tables that dont belong to the user.

    ./sqoop list-tables --connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@// --username TEST --password test

list-tables lists the same tables that following sql query does:

select * from all_tables;

Instead i'd like to list and import(my guess ist that it are the same tables) the same tables that this query would:

select * from user_tables;

Is there a way to restrict the importing Tables via sqoop? And if not, is there a way to configure the user rights in a way, so that "select * from all_tables" will give me the same tables than "select * from user_tables" ??


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Create a synonym called ALL_TABLES in your schema that points to the USER_TABLES view.

SQL> select count(*) from all_tables;


SQL> select count(*) from user_tables;


SQL> create synonym all_tables for user_tables;

Synonym created.

SQL> select count(*) from all_tables;



That should fool the script, unless it explicitly qualifies the ALL_TABLES view with its owner (eg: SYS.ALL_TABLES).

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thank you so much! Worked like a charm :) –  kroax Jan 17 '13 at 16:27

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