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Now i'm open a word document in windows 8 Metro apps. I don't know if is it possible. but i have open the word document inside a windows 8 Metro apps. ex: open the word document in gmail using iPad.

here is my code,

string file = @"Assets\sample.docx";

var getFile = await Windows.ApplicationModel.Package.Current.InstalledLocation.GetFileAsync(file);
        if (getFile != null)
             var success = await Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchFileAsync(getFile);

this is open for a word file. but i have open inside a windows 8 metro application.

thanks in advance.

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You should be able to open a Word file from a Windows 8 Metro/Windows Store app just using file activation. Since a .docx or .doc file is already associated with the Word program, it should launch Word as a separate process and open the file within Word, from your app.

However, it doesn't run Word inside of your app. That is not possible.

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is there any best way to open word document in windows 8 metro apps except Launchers –  Navanee Baskaran Jan 18 '13 at 4:23

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