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Scala noob i'm afraid:

I have the following declared class variable which will the objects I read from the database:

val options = mutable.LinkedList[DivisionSelectOption]()

I then use JPA to get a List of all rows from a table:

val divisionOptions = em.createNamedQuery("SelectOption.all", classOf[SelectOption]) getResultList
/* Wrap java List in Scala List */
val wrappedOptions = JListWrapper.apply(divisionOptions)
/* Store the wrappedOptions in the class variable */
options += wrappedOptions

However, the last line has an error:

Type Expected: String, actual JListWrapper[SelectOption]

Can anyone help with what I am doing wrong? I'm just trying to populate the options object with the result of the DB call.


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What (probably) is happening is that a JlistWrapper[SelectOption] isn't a DivisionSelectOption, so the method += isn't applicable to it. That being the case, it is trying other stuff, and giving a final error on this:

options = options + wrappedOptions

That is a rewriting Scala can do to make things like x += 1 work for var x. The + method is present on all objects, but it takes a String as parameter -- that's so one can write stuff like options + ":" and have that work as in Java. But since wrappedOptions isn't a String, it complains.

Roundabout and confusing, I know, and even Odersky regrets his decision with regards to +. Let that be a lesson: if you thing of adding a method to Any, think really hard before doing it.

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