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I try to get registered for an developer account on facebook for about 3 days now. I never get the sms. I tried it with the latest Chrome and Firefox and two different numbers with two different service providers.

I'm located in austria.

It seems the label of the checkbox is missing too.

Any ideas who to ask?

I already reportet it to the standard facebook help.

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same issue here, please report any reply from facebook, Danke. –  joschua011 Jan 22 '13 at 15:55
Today it finally worked with the text message! –  Jakob Jan 31 '13 at 8:26

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I'm from Austria as well and have the same issue as you describe it. In addition I tried to verify my mobile phone number by means of the "verify" feature in my profile's contact information section. It seems that the same (probably faulty) verification procedure is used there, because I again did not get a text message to my mobile phone.

So for me the only way to finish the developer registration process was to add my credit card information to my payment methods. After doing that I was no longer asked for authentication during the registration process. It seems that the credit card information is only needed during registration, so you can remove it afterwards from your payment methods.

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