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I have the latest kineticjs(4.3.1) and i use hammerjs for touch events initiated within the kineticjs wrapper (div element). I need to call getIntersectedShapes on the 'onDrag' event. After doing that and checking the drag event on an ipad i only get the dragstart event(i can't debug so i don't know if i got an error). Doing the same action on a desktop(safari + chrome) or on iPad chrome works like a charm. only safari on iPad is a problem. I use latest browser versions both on iPad and desktop.

Hope you can help... thnx

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I don't know what your code looks like but if an event is not firing and you want it to you could just do:


for example:


do be aware, that with new kineticjs 4.3.1 and above, you should set

 'dragOnTop: false' //default is true 

as an attribute for the shape if you intend to simulate drag events on it.

Let me know if that helped you out.

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