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Does anybody know how to output/report the paired ttest results only (selectively) with Sig. <0.05, using SPSS or STATA syntax?

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Can you expand your question a little bit and tell us what you're trying to do? Running a lot of t-tests and then pulling out only those with p-values < 0.05 usually isn't good statistics... – Matt Parker Jan 17 '13 at 21:06
Yes, I wanted to display only the results with P <0.05. Data had 1121 variables in 59 column groups and 5 rows (observations). We considered the paired ttest for parametric endpoint and cont. variables. Thanks, folks – KvasDub Jan 20 '13 at 12:13

If it's a paired t-test, that means you have two sets of data probably observed at some time interval or after the subjects were passed through an experiment and the measurements taken for the second time. Paired Means different observations made from same subjects. You may be interested in testing the hypothesis that there is an improvement in scores or measurements. If you find the p.values < 0.05. That means there was no significant change in your measurements at 5% level of significance. The alternative would mean that the scores improved or even reduced.

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