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I have a simple has_many attachments situation:

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_many :images, :class_name => 'ProjectImage', :dependent => :destroy

class ProjectImage < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_attached_file :image
    belongs_to :project

Is it possible (via Rails Admin) to directly add images when creating/editting project?

Now there are two ways (both suck!):

1) Create/Edit a ProjectImage instance and add it to the project (you have to search for it).

2) Add a new Project image which creates a modal and is afterwards same as 1)

enter image description here

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The key is: nested attributes using accepts_nested_attributes_for.


has_many :images, :class_name => 'ProjectImage', :dependent => :destroy, :inverse_of => :project
accepts_nested_attributes_for :images, :allow_destroy => true
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