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Im making a docx reader (libopc and C++) and I have problem when I want to get the minor and major Font from the theme1.xml. The problem is that I dont know how I have to write the namespace for attributes without it:

<a:latin typeface="Calibri"/>

I have tryed with:

mce_start_attribute(&reader, _X(""), _X("typeface")) {//type
    _majorFont = (char*) xmlTextReaderConstValue(reader.reader);


mce_start_attribute(&reader, _X("http://www.3w.org/2000/xmlns"), _X("typeface")) {//type
    _majorFont = (char*) xmlTextReaderConstValue(reader.reader);

And I get the same result: nothing.

Any Suggestion. Thanks in advance.

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Somebody can create the tag [libopc]? My reputation does not allow me :( –  Miguel Angel Jan 17 '13 at 15:23

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I answer myself. After ckeck libopc source code the solution is set namespace value in mce_start_attribute macro as NULL:

mce_start_attribute(&reader, NULL, _X("typeface")) {//type
    _majorFont = (char*) xmlTextReaderConstValue(reader.reader);
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