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Is there a way, using Hibernate or JPA annotations, to override the optionality of a field in a subclass? Take the following example:

Parent Class

This is a base class that defines a number of common fields. For the example below, I am just showing a single field that I want to override in a few sub classes. In the @MappedSuperclass, this field is required (doesn't allow null).

public abstract class GenericLog {
  protected String sessionId;

  @Basic(optional = false)
  @Column(name = FIELD__SESSION_ID__COLUMN, length = 50)
  public String getSessionId() {
    return sessionId;

  public void setSessionId(String sessionId) {
    this.sessionId = sessionId;

Child Class

This is a subclass. It has the same sessionId field defined in the parent class, the only difference is that the field should allow nulls in this class.

@Table(name = LogError.TABLE_NAME)
@Cache(usage = CacheConcurrencyStrategy.NONE)
public class LogError extends GenericLog {
  @Basic(optional = true)
  @Column(name = FIELD__SESSION_ID__COLUMN, length = 50)
  public String getSessionId() {
    return super.getSessionId();

  public void setSessionId(String sessionId) {

I tried using the @AttributeOverride annotation, but that didn't work, even specifying the nullable property.

P.S. I'm using Hibernate 4.1.9 (JPA 2.0 annotations).

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I there no answer to this question ? Two years still nothing ? – Pavel Niedoba Sep 21 '15 at 12:37

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