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I cannot get the xsockets.net windows service to work. Currently, I'm using this source because I couldn't find a better one

  • the solution was built in VS2012Express edition,
  • installed it using .NET v4 framework InstallUtil.exe
  • When trying to start the service in windows service dialogue it gives a dialogue saying: "The XSockets.NET service on Local Computer started and then stopped." The Windows event viewer just lists: "The XSockets.NET service entered the stopped state."

I'm all newbie to .NET and C#, just trying to get websockets to work and going a little crazy on this issue :-)

Any help appreciated.

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I think we need some additional info about what you are doing. Post it here or send a email to contact at xsockets.net Reglars Uffe, Team XSockets –  Uffe Jan 19 '13 at 16:56
Hello. Fastest and easiest way to install the service is documented at xsockets.net/api/hosting/windows-service See the video. –  Uffe Mar 19 '13 at 9:08

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If all the XSockets's plugins (dlls ) is in place, and the app.config of your Windows Service is okey, it should not give that kind of error.

At the following repo you find an template, it is maybe that one you are refereeing to?


Make sure all of the DLL's listed here 'https://github.com/MagnusThor/XSockets.Windows.Service/tree/master/Dependencies' is referenced in the project that "host" the XSockets.NET ( project that create an Service ) as shown below

 protected override void OnStart(string[] args)
            new XSockets.Windows.Service.Host.Instance();


Hope that this helps!


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Make sure all of the DLL's (including dependencies) of your project are on this folder C:\Chocolatey\lib\XSockets.Windows.Service.2.5.2\tools

I had the same problem and I solved putting the dependencies in that folder, i.e: EntityFramework.dll...

I hope this help you.

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