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I am trying to integrate CodeNarc with a Maven-based Groovy project. The documentation on the site for the CodeNarc Maven plugin is minimal. The usage aspects I am trying to understand are:

  • How to point to the custom rule sets and where in the project to place them?
  • How to fail the Jenkins build if any of the rules are violated.

Currently I am able to run CodeNarc using command

mvn codenarc:codenarc

When I add the 'reporting' section to the POM file (as described at http://mojo.codehaus.org/codenarc-maven-plugin/usage.html) and run

mvn site

no CodeNarc report is generated. I get this warning

[WARNING] No URL defined for the project - decoration links will not be resolved

but it is not clear where it is related to CodeNarc.

What is the proper way of using CodeNarc with Maven?

Thank you,


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I just did it, in case you still need the tip. You can hook the execution of the plugin by creating a "plugin" entry under "build"->"plugins"->"plugin". Here is what I have.


Note the "maxPriority_Violations" values. This is what makes the build fail in case of violations.

I dont use any custom rules, but it seems you can define your own rules by setting the "rulesetfiles" configuration option. See configuration options here: http://mojo.codehaus.org/codenarc-maven-plugin/codenarc-mojo.html

Example of project with this configuration: https://github.com/tveronezi/faceid/tree/master/faceid-web

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