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I'm trying to use Angular.js client-side with webapp2 on Google Appengine.

In order to solve the SEO issues the idea was to use a headless browser to run the javascript server-side and serve the resulting html to the crawlers.

Is there any headless browser for python that runs on google app engine?

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That's a super meta idea. A web request being fulfilled by a web server using a headless web browser to render a page and return the result. phew.

Take a look at the following answer on headless browsers paying special attention to the Python based ones.

headless browser question: headless internet browser?

Looks like the ones that support Javascript all use WebKit and require PyQt or Pyside. Meaning that you're not going to be able to run them up on App Engine due to the runtime restrictions that are in place.

I would suggest for SEO purposes you do some sort of user agent detection and emit a super scaled down version of your page using Jinja2 templates or something. You'd probably get better performance that way anyway.

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