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For documentation, we usually have to create an additional document describing what we did when any lint messages were disabled in code (e.g. /* lint --e228). It would make it much easier to use it with doxygen (as we create this anyhow).

Though, I wasn't able to find any solution on how to make doxygen using these lint comments. Did anyone try this? Is there any solution how to use the stric '/*lint' but anyhow add it to doxygen?


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Is this Lint or PC-Lint? – StellarVortex Dec 25 '13 at 11:17

This can be accomplished by defining a macro to expand into the lint expression comment, but making the macro expand into a different comment when expanded by doxygen.

The trick is to use the -save instruction to PC-lintTM or FlexeLintTM:

#define LINT_CONTROL(X) /*lint -save X */ //lint X

int main () {
    int a; LINT_CONTROL(-e530)
    return a != a;

Then, in your doxygen configuration file, you can enable expansion of certain preprocessor macros. In particular, we can change LINT_CONTROL to expand into a doxygen-ated comment instead.

PREDEFINED             = "LINT_CONTROL(X)=//! lint control: X"

Alternatively, if you have FlexeLintTM, then you can modify the shrouded source so that a doxygen comment can be used to trigger the lint control. The technique is described on the Gimpel Software Discussion Forum.

PC-lint and FlexeLint are trademarks of Gimpel Software.

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