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I have a number of categories for which I need to use a different layout from my standard category layout. What is the best way to go about this without having to repeat XML code in the 'custom design' tab of the admin area? Each category I need to do this for is a 'brand', so I suppose that could be used as a common way for magento to recognize that the alternative template needs to be used?

Any help is appreciated at this point.


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You could define a custom layout handle and call it in the specific categories.

First, define your layout handle (for example in your theme's local.xml):

         <block ..../>

Then, in the backend's category edit page just enter into "Custom Layout Update":

<update handle="my_awesome_update" /> 
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This was my first thought but the update doesn't seem to be taking effect. –  user1417156 Jan 21 '13 at 10:42

If you know the ID of the category you could define all of your changes in your local.xml layout file like so, too:

         <!-- updates here -->
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