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Perhabs this questions should be named: How to animate jQuery-objects through hash.

Howsoever... How can I convert a string into an object? I've tried JSON.parse and $.parseJSON but get the following error-message: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token t.

What I try to accomplish: I want to animate jQuery objects through a hash.

Here's my current state (Maybe there's a better way? Then tell it to me!):

var params = (location.hash || '#').substr(1).split('|');
$.map(params, function (e) {
    var parts = e.split('=');
    console.log(typeof parts[1]); // 2 `string`

Use this fiddle and attach these hash to the url:


(Sorry markdown doesn't allow me to append this kind of hash directly to the link).

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Your JSON isn't valid. (Paste it into and see for yourself.)

JSON is stricter than JavaScript syntax and requires quoted object keys:


If you put quotes around top, left, and right, then you can just use JSON.parse or $.parseJSON on the JSON strings directly.

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Ah, damn! Nice, thanks ♥ – yckart Jan 17 '13 at 17:13

JSON is a bit more strict than JavaScript. The parameters would have to look like this for JSON evaluation:


If you don't want that, you must resort to good ol' eval():

var params = eval('(' + parts + ')');

However, since you then allow execution of arbitrary JS via the URL, that might not be the way you're looking for.

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