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The situation.

I have a site that has a menu strip with some links. On a desktop these links work as expected, on mobile firefox, great! However on webkit, safari and chrome, they don't seem to register when you touch them.

I used Adobe Edge to check it out, but it worked fine in that browser, which browser is that anyways, is that webkit based or other?

I also tried using js to debug, but no luck. I would try to to get an alert() if say the parent element, or the link element itself was touched, I can only seem to get them to register if I mash around a bit.

The site is built on Sitefinity, I have looked around and can't seem to find anything relating to this.

How might I be able to go about trying to figure out what the issue is here? It seems to me to be webkit related, correct me if I a wrong, as it happens on chrome and safari.

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On Android devices, you can write messages via console.log('blah!') and read them using logcat. You shuold also see other javascript errors in there.



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I ended up installing the SDK, and jsut came up with a work around, there was no real solution for what was going on. Seems it was just an odd error. Thanks though! –  Rchristiani Jan 25 '13 at 19:34

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