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I'm new with Meteor (and Javascript and Node.js too, actually) and working from the Parties example. It's amazing how smooth it is to integrate logins with Facebook, Google , Twitter, etc.

I also want to allow users to easily invite people by selecting them from their existing address book.

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There is no package specifically built for integration with either of those two services; however, if you're using the baked-in accounts package you can request permissions for extended user information during login.

For either Facebook or Google, you can specify requestPermissions either using direct login or with the bolted on {{loginButtons}} helper. In the latter case, you config the requestPermissions like so:

  requestPermissions: {
    facebook: ['user_likes'],
    github: ['user', 'repo']

Per the docs, you can get a list of Google permissions here, and Facebook permissions here.

It looks like Google allows access to their basic profile; Facebook has extended permissions that authorize reading the user's friend list.

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+1 for a great answer! – knownasilya Jan 17 '13 at 18:11

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