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I have a host account at GoDaddy and I would like to connect two databases.So I would like to create an empty database. In this database I would like to import a csv file with products then I would like to pass these columns of the csv file to a second database automatically every 8 hours for example.Is this possible through GoDaddy? Do I need to do something extra? Thanks in advance!

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There should be nothing specific to GoDaddy to prevent you from from utilizing two databases in the manner you suggest. You probably just need to better familiarize yourself with how to move data around in MySQL. Likely the best approach is to use database dumps, or possibly SELECT INTO OUTFILE, but the real question is are you familiar with any programming language such that you can actual write the script to migrate this data?

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The most sufficient way to do it programming wise is with PHP.But I would like to know if GoDaddy had any way to do this through their interface as to avoid the extra effort.! – Konstantinos Jan 17 '13 at 17:47
@Konstantinos I am not aware of GoDaddy providing any database sync tools, but then again I don't use GoDaddy. – Mike Brant Jan 17 '13 at 17:48

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