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I checked in (modified )some of the files recently . When i'm trying to watch the Logs from my local machine every thing is perfect .(the checked in file shows modified status.)

But When i try to watch the Log History from someone else's machine ,the checked in files are showing as newly added .

Would someone suggest the reason for this strange behaviour .?

thanks ,


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Which client are you and the other person using? –  Jon Seigel Sep 17 '09 at 12:15
Please don't use question signatures to link to your blog. That's what your profile is for. –  balpha Sep 17 '09 at 12:18

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Have you updated the local working copy on the other machine? When viewing the history of a working copy, svn log shows the commits in the working copy, not the repository.

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Guess #1: Are you both working on the same code? Verify that the checkout path is the same on both machines.

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It could be "new" to them (i.e. they had not checked out the files before you made your modifications).

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Perhaps you are you checking into a different trunk, repository or branch.

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