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I have a GridView that has a column called Active which shows either a 1 (for active) or a -1 for inactive.

However as this is being implemented into a front end UI I do not want users to be presented with what seems to them as useless integers, however a Active or Not active to be presented in the GridView on Page_Load.

The code would look something like -

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        //code here to modify the column 'Active' in the GridView
        //GridView ID="GV1"

        if (row.Cells[1].Text == "1")
            row.Cells[1].Text = "Active";
        if (row.Cells[1].Text == "-1")
            row.Cells[1].Text = "Not Active";


And the column in the GridView is -

<asp:BoundField HeaderText="Active" DataField="Active" SortExpression="Active"></asp:BoundField>

How can I do this as I do not want to edit the database in order for the UI to be more presentable?

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Try the OnRowDataBound Gridview event.

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