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I have a ComboBox in Flex with about 20 items. How do I display all of them in a dropdown with no scroll bar? Right now, Flex displays 5 at a time in the dropdown and puts a scrollbar to scroll for more.

Here's an example:

How do I make the dropdown bigger in this example so it shows all 10 items at once?

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Found it: 'rowCount' is the property to change. It defaults to 5.

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i can't find the equivalent of this property in flex 4.5 – kaissun Dec 23 '11 at 9:59

For ones who search for same thing for spark combo: for spark components that extend SkinnableDataContainer (including ComboBox) you can specify layout with

requestedMinRowCount , requestedMaxRowCount

properties, and do as much changes as you want with the help of skin(this layout directly goes to DataGroup skinpart inside skin).

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