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Today, working with the Service for Android, has faced some "illogical" or "not correctly", in my opinion, the work method bindService. The essence of the confusion that I created in the application service that is within you, with the ExecutorService makes a request. When I went to the application, the service remained alive - the queries are executed in separate threads with a certain cyclical (logs confirm this). In the method onStart() I have written code that, by all manuals and tutorials should give me access to the service, that I have run before, with this application. But all our advise it seemed evident. I expected that calling bindService() -> I get a connection to a running service. But no, instead, at the first attempt the connection is not happening - I do not understand why. I added code that would run the service itself, if it has not been done before. So this part of the code is activated and again I try to connect to just running the service. And yes, the connection is successful, but - connection nourish my service I was expecting to get from the first connection attempt. And judging from the logs of my attempt to re-create the service does not lead to its creation. All this follows from the log. And in this regard, I wonder - why the first attempt to connect it does not happen? Or am I doing wrong?

fragment code in Activity

private ServiceConnection serviceConnection = new ServiceConnection(){
        public void onServiceConnected(ComponentName name, IBinder service) {
            flagServiceConnection = true;
            Log.d("StartActivity/serviceConnection", "serviceConnection/onServiceConnected() -> connected");
            exService = ((ExService.ExBinder) service).getService();

        public void onServiceDisconnected(ComponentName name) {
            flagServiceConnection = false;
            Log.d("StartActivity/serviceConnection", "serviceConnection/onServiceDisconnected() -> disconnected");
public void onStart(){
        bindService(new Intent(this.getApplicationContext(), ExService.class), serviceConnection, 0);       
            Log.d("StartActivity", "onStart() -> start service");
            this.startService(new Intent(this.getApplicationContext(), ExService.class));
            bindService(new Intent(this.getApplicationContext(), ExService.class), serviceConnection, 0);           


D/StartActivity(5922): onCreate()
D/StartActivity(5922): onStart() -> start service
D/StartActivity/serviceConnection(5922): erviceConnection/onServiceConnected() -> connected
D/ExService(5922): onRebind()
D/ExService(5922): onStartCommand() -> service start
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Your first connection attempt works, but your flagServiceConnection check doesn't, so you always try to connect one more time, and here's why.

When you call bindService() method, you are not connected to the service immediately, so your flagServiceConnection is not set yet when you try to check it.

I assume the purpose of your check is to start service before binding if it is not started yet. To achieve this, you need to call bindService() with BIND_AUTO_CREATE flag:

public void onStart(){
    bindService(new Intent(this.getApplicationContext(), ExService.class), serviceConnection, BIND_AUTO_CREATE);       
    //that's it, if service is not started, it will be started automatically 
    //no need for additional checks         
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no no no - I know about the possibility of service to start automatically, but I am wondering why the first connection attempt was not successful? – Siruk Viktor Jan 17 '13 at 19:42
you are not bound to the service immediately when you call bindService() method. You check for flagServiceConnection in your next statement (executed immediately), but this flag is set only when service is connected (in onServiceConnected()). Try setting default value of flagServiceConnection to true to understand my point :) – deville Jan 17 '13 at 19:47
I checked back the other way - yes indeed, the connection to the service is not immediate - here I had a simple test - an average Connections lasts 50 milliseconds. Thanks for the tip. – Siruk Viktor Jan 17 '13 at 20:13

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