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I want my methods defaults within a class to be set to what was passed in through the __init__ method. Something like this:

class Foo(object):

    def __init__(self, loc=None):
        self.loc = loc

    def test(self, loc=self.loc):
        print loc

test = Foo()
>>> None

test = Foo('foobar')
>>> foobar

Is this possible or another way of achieving this?

EDIT: I know this current code is not possible but something that would function like this is what I'm looking for.


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having self.loc in the method call of test errors out when I run it. –  Jeff Jan 17 '13 at 19:40

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Default argument values are evaluated at the point of function definition in the defining scope, but self is an argument only available during function call.

See an example:

i = 5
def f(arg = i): print arg
i = 6

will print 5. Visualization on python-tutor.

It is a common pattern to default an argument to None and add a test for that in the code:

def test(self, loc = None):
    if loc is None:
       loc = self.loc
    print loc
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Do something like this:

def test(self, loc = None):
    if loc is None:
       loc = self.loc
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