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I have some settings-type global vars that I'd like to be able to access from python code. For example:

pybot --variable RESULTS_PATH:/wherever/this/points test.txt

Now, my module logger.py needs to know the results_path to set up properly.

I know that I can initialize the logger with a variable, like

Library  logger  ${RESULTS_PATH}

and then in logger I'll be passed results_path:

 def __init__(self, results_path):

However the problem with doing it this way for me is that I want to access and use the logger from both python code and within test cases. So if I set it up this way, if I want to use the logger from python code I run into the same problem of needing results_path to initialize the logger properly.

Are there any functions in the robot framework library that would allow me to grab the value of ${RESULTS_PATH} from python code? What is the proper way to do something like this?

Right now, my workaround for the issue is to set RESULTS_PATH as an environment variable. So I have something like:

run like:

RESULTS_PATH=/wherever/this/points pybot test.txt


Library  logger


results_path = os.environ["RESULTS_PATH"]
# other set up stuff

Thanks for any help.

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You will want to use rf's BuiltIn library, for reference read the docs as found here. This provides the keywords that are built into robotframework and so should reliably stay usable:

from robot.libraries.BuiltIn import BuiltIn
results_path = BuiltIn().get_variable_value("${RESULTS_PATH}")
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