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This is the code to get the list of divisions and add a custom "Select all" at the top

IList<Division> divisionList = divisionService.GetAllDivisions();
divisionList.Insert(0, new Division() { Code = "ALL", CodeName = "Select all" });

Then filter it based on the Code, I get 1 item in newList

var newList = divisionList.Where(x => x.Code == "01" ).ToList();

Question is how to select multiple items ans store it in newList, including "Select All" Getting an empty list with this statement,

var newList = divisionList.Where(x => x.Code == "01" && x.Code == "02" ).ToList(); 

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What is the actual question or problem? This code should already do what you want. – Henk Holterman Jan 17 '13 at 21:35
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I think you want a logical or not a logical and... like this:

var newList = divisionList.Where(x => x.Code == "01" || 
                                      x.Code == "02" || 
                                      x.Code == "All" ).ToList(); 
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